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Our Mission

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Our Mission:

To help investors help America become an ever brighter city upon a hill
by providing opportunities to invest in American companies

that exemplify integrity, caring and courage.

Our Mission

To help investors help America become an ever brighter city upon a hill by providing opportunities to invest in American companies that exemplify integrity, caring and courage.

We believe investors can, indeed, help America to become a better and brighter City Upon a Hill by invesitng in companies that best reflect America's timeless values. These companies are truly building a brighter America and are strengthened by more long-term shareholders. We help investors find and invest in these companies.

Becoming a "City Upon a Hill". was not just an admonition for a devoted group of Pilgrims, it echos from our past as a clarion call for today. The dream of a country built on Freedom is fragile and must be renewed and furthered by each generation. The problem and opportunity of Freedom is that it can be used for good or not. Laws and regulations alone will never be sufficient to mandate true goodness. Ultimately goodness is a choice and corporate America is a significant arena in which light and darkness are constantly chosen. Investment capital has the freedom to support, or not, companies that are helping create a brighter America. We, at American Values Investments, have chosen to target for investment those companies that best reflect America's Timeless values providing investors a way to build a brighter City Upon a HIll for us and generations to come.

Our Vision

A brighter America as more investors help expand the positive inflence of American Hero companies.

Freedom is precious but fragile and thrives when people choose freely to do, not merely what is acceptable, but what is noble, true and good. Our dream is to see a growing number of investors directing their capital toward companies that better reflect their values. This will encourage companies to operate in a way that positively affects their communities and our country. The result ... "A Brighter America".

Our Values

We strive to operate by the same values we use to analyze companies in which we invest.

  1. Integrity - includes truthfulness and transparency. We encourage and enable investors to evaluate us as thoroughly as we evaluate the American Hero Companies in which we invest.

  2. Caring - Our goal is to treat others the way we would like to be treated. This applies to our associates, clients, vendors, shareholders and community.

  3. Courage - We will strive to do what is right and good no matter if it is popular or profitable.

Our Strategies

Current and proposed strategies for realizing our mission and and vision:

  1. Promote, support and encourage patriotism in America
  2. Provide investment professionals with portfolios of American Hero Companies for use with their clients
  3. Diligently search for more Amerian Hero Companies for our investing universe.
  4. Continuously monitor all companies in our American Hero Company universe to insure they continue to highly reflect our Timeless American values.
  5. Maintain a list of non-public values-driven companies that are making a positive contribution to America.
  6. Provide excellent articles, blogs, and videos to highlight examples of exemplary principles and values in the American business arena.
  7. Remain positive by using articles and videos to bring attention primarily to people and organizations making a positive impact in the American marketplace.
  8. Provide excellent articles, blogs and videos to highlight and promote America.
  9. Publish accurate and up-to-date historical performance figures for our American Hero portfolios.
  10. As resources allow, bring to mareket more investment products, i.e. mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, etc., to allow greater access to American Hero Investing for the general public.
  11. Promote and support certain other values-driven investment concepts like Socially Responsible Investing, Biblically Responsible Investing, Impact Investing, etc.
  12. Contribute to non-profit organizations that are in line with our mission and vision.
  13. Be an active and helpful part of the local community.
  14. Be good stewards of our financial resources by, but not limited to, paying vendors promptly, maintaing accurate financial records, monitoring cash flow, paying charitable wages, contributing to charity and distributing a reasonable return to shareholders.

Guiding Quote

Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress wihat is evil;
our great hope lies in developing what is good.  
~ Calvin Coolidge

In the early stages of our company's development we scoured quotes from our nation's past that might offer some guidance for our efforts. We uncovered many inspiring statements from former American notables, but the one above stood out as a wonderful guide for our work. Like President Coolidge, and, by the way the Apostle Paul (Romans 12:21), we feel the best way to fight evil in the world is with good. That doesn't mean there aren't times to stand and fight, like Winston Churchill did, the evils of our day, but there is often not enough emphasis on "developing what is good". Therefore, as an investment firm, it is our sincere desire to recognize, encourage, and support those pubic companies that best reflect what is truly good about America as a way to help her become that "City upon a Hill" envisioned so long ago by John Winthrop.

Our Slogan

Investing for a Brighter America

There are literally trillions of dollars in the equity markets, mostly in the form of average to small investor acccounts. Just think of the effect these funds would have if directed toward public companies that highly reflect authentic American values. There is enormous potential for good in addition to the practical aspects. Our investments can make a difference. Join us as we are "investing for a brighter America." 

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