Monday, July 16th, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I, as an individual, invest in your American Hero Portfolios?
    You can, but we, normally, do not offer our portfolios directly to individual investors. We DO offer our portfolios through select, and very special, investment professionals throughout the United States. These investment/financial professionals do not work for American Values Investments but do have access to our portfolios for their clients. If you contact us we can put you in touch with an appropriate investment professional to serve you.
  2. How can I, as an investment professional, gain access to your portfolios for my clients?
    Please contact us and we will attempt to get approved by your RIA so that you can provide the American Hero Portfolios to your clients.
  3. What are American Values?
    These are the Judeo/Christian/Biblical values upon which America was founded and continues to be built. Times may change but these values do not change.
  4. What does it cost to invest in the American Hero Portfolios?
    If you invest with one of our approved investment firms there are no up-front fees. There is however a small on-going fee for our portfolios which usually runs no greater than 60 basis points or 6/10ths of 1% per year (normally divided by 12 and automatically paid each month). Depending on the provider there are also additional annual fees that are charged for their services.
  5. Are there any exit fees from your portfolios?
  6. Why is your primary goal to build a brighter America and not to create a good return for your investors?
    First, we feel America and its values are always at risk and therefore we feel compelled to use the powerful tool of investment capital to preserve, protect and promote America and its values or they could be lost. Secondly, we believe companies that are operated on Timeless American values have an excellent chance to be competitive in the marketplace, and, as such have a reasonable chance to provide competitive investment returns. Of course, this is not assured and past performance is no assurance of future results.
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