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The danger to America is not in the direction of the failure to maintain its economic position, but in the direction of the failure to maintain its ideals.
- Calvin Coolidge

We trust that you will find this blog to be both educational and informative. We strive to provide content to help investment professionals better service their clients and to help individuals make better decisions about their investments and empower them to reach their future financial goals while being true to their values. Lastly, we will include content that reminds us of the beauty and importance America and American values.

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The Economy and Equities Markets: Loaded for Now with Questions When the recent Brexit vote to jettison the European Union from Britain's list of alliances was cast, there was a quick agreement that the referendum clearly would doom at least western economies an...
Lowe's Companies: Literally Building a Brighter America by Dave Smith, journalist/economist for American Values Investments You may not yet have considered the notion that companies for which systems&nb...
Quarterly – Our Economy Components Part 3 We've moved comfortably into a new year, making it appropriate for a continuation on the path we trod in late 2015, describing the key elements that constitute that part of our nation that we typica...
Our Economy and its Key Components - Part 2 Our objective in the current series of the American Values Investments newsletters includes discussing several of the key components subsumed within what we typically refer to simply as "the economy...
Quarterly – Our Economy and Its Key Components - Part 1 Quarterly Newsletter - October 2015 Our Economy (Part 1) Market Commentary -October 2015 Cultural Performance - October 2015 Investment Performance - October 2015 Research Summary - Oc...
Four More American Hero Companies, Building a Brighter America As we've described previous ly , we at American Values Investments carry our research an important extra step -- or three steps , actually -- beyond the typical analytical process. In addition to th...

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