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Michael Reagan Speaks to NACFC

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Michael Reagan Speaks to NACFC

November 12, 2012


In October our company was a sponsor for a regional meeting of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants. The organization's mission is "To provide educational resources, fellowship support, and biblical standards for professional investment counselors seeking to integrate Bible-based principles within their financial counseling practices."


We were excited to have, as a lunch speaker, one of our American Heroes (#12), Michael Reagan. As you may know Michael is the son of former President Ronald Reagan and award winning actress Jane Wyman.


Mike actually prerecorded his remarks by video in the California studio he uses for Fox News. The benefit was that we have now have high quality video which others can view. His remarks were timely and encouraging. I am extremely grateful that Mr. Reagan takes seriously the charge given to him by his deathly ill sister, Maureen, to carry on his father's legacy of integrating faith and values into our culture.


To view Mr. Reagan's remarks at the NACFC event click here


I have seen Michael speak live on two occasions. He is incredibly gifted at emotionally connecting with his audience and bringing his own experiences to life. I would highly recommend him to businesses and marketplace organizations everywhere as a motivational speaker. To learn more about his speaking availability you can visit that page of his web site by clicking here.


Thanks Michael for giving America your gift of faith and values so desperately needed at this critical time.


Carter LeCraw, CFP


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