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Exxon, Building a Brighter America

Monday, June 16th, 2014


May 20, 2011


Although I am excited about our 56 American Heroes Project, which involves individuals, I want to remember, as well, American Hero Companies. These noteworthy groups of dedicated individuals are ALSO helping America in a big way. They embody the values upon which America was founded and are helping to improve our standing as a "City upon a hill" at home and abroad. By owning their stock investors partner with them in fulfilling this vital vision for our country.


One such company, ExxonMobil, is not only consciously focused on the important American value of Integrity, they are also quick to give it much credit for their success. The "subtle" clue I got was on page one of their most recent Annual Report. The WHOLE page was dedicated to Integrity. Click here to see a pdf version of their annual report with "Integrity" as the title for page one.

Given the Valdez Oil Spill of 1989, one might ask, "How could ExxonMobil rate as an American Hero Company?", or "How could the company dare espouse the virtue of Integrity?" No company is perfect; all make mistakes, sometimes big ones. The real question is whether there is true repentance and reform. In this this case, it appears there was heartfelt change. Their story of being embarrassed and humbled is shared on their web site. Click here for the link to that story.


Thank you, ExxonMobil, for your courageous efforts to verbalize and incorporate into your culture the critical American value of Integrity.


Carter LeCraw, CEO,

American Values Investments, Inc.


For information on how you can help America by owning stock in American Hero Companies visit our web site

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