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Apartment REIT Warms Residents, Building a Brighter America

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Mid America Apartment Communities (symbol MAA), an American Hero Company since June 2006, has figured out a "warm" and creative way to provide for the often unmet needs of the typical apartment resident. Their Resident Assistance Program (RAP) is simple; a local church congregation is "connected" with one of their apartment communities as a way to reach out to the residents with an extra measure of love and concern.

It works like this, the use of an apartment is donated to a local church congregation in exchange for 80 hours of monthly community service. The church then "plants" a caring couple in that apartment community to provide assistance in five key areas; health, education, recreation, service and social. At times, new apartment residents can feel alone and isolated. Mid America's innovative RAP program addresses this issue as well as helping to meet other important "felt" needs of residents. It is also a good business strategy since it provides a "warm" and personal way to cement the bond between resident and landlord.

Frank McRae, a former Methodist minister and long-time employee, developed and oversees the RAP program. He bears the unique title of "Special Consultant to the CEO for Corporate Culture" and is also currently working on an initiative to insure the company's values are effectively communicated throughout the organization as it grows. When asked to comment on his work at Mid America Frank responded, "I have been so blessed to work for a company like Mid America that maintains a high level of concern for all its residents and associates."

This unique program is one more way American Hero Companies, with the support of their shareholders, are helping build a better and brighter America.

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