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Multiple Management Boards

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Carter B. LeCraw, CFP

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In 1932, an American Hero Company initiated "Multiple Management Boards", an innovative concept to address certain specific business components like sales or manufacturing. These interdisciplinary boards were, and still are, made up of people from many levels and various departments. Management wanted to solicit ideas from a wide range of employees because of, as one executive commented, "our belief in the untapped potential in people". During the first five years the boards made 2,109 suggestions to the corporate Board of Directors with only 6 being rejected. 

Since then, their use and reach of Multiple Management Boards has been significantly refined and expanded. It is no wonder this company earned the maximum score in our Teamwork category. They also scored highly in the Servant Leadership category.

Click here to learn more, from this company's web site, about their Multiple Management Boards.

American Hero Companies, with the help of their shareholders, are building a better and brighter America. Click here to learn more about American Hero Companies.

For a prize:
As you may have noticed, in this article, the name of the specific American Hero Company is not included. To add a little fun and competition ... the first 3 people to reply to this email with the correct name of the company will receive a prize - a free download, (for your MP3 player or cell phone) of the song "God Bless America" as performed by Martina McBride. (Although the financial cost of the gift is only 99 cents, the inspiration received from this wonderful rendition is priceless! So, don't delay.)

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